Having passed your test, this D.S.A. recognised course will teach you how to drive in heavy traffic, at night and on motorways.
Several insurance companies give substantial discounts to holders of Pass Plus certificates, especially young drivers.
Drivers aged 17 -21 make up 10% of all licence holders but are involved in 20% of all injury accidents, with young male drivers being the most likely to be involved in a serious accident. But, it is not only young drivers who are at risk. Older people who take the driving test later in life are also at risk.
Most drivers become safer by driving more miles – by experiencing more driving situations. But learning by trial and error is not the way to do it when the consequences of error can be very serious indeed.

There is no substitute for experience, but good professional instruction can accelerate the accquisition of skills and knowledge by the new driver.
PASS PLUS offers new drivers professional instruction and supervision in circumstances where they will have little experience and at a time when they are most vulnerable.
It’s primary aim is to develop the attitudes and skills that are essential for safe driving.

PASS PLUS has been designed by the Driving Standards Agency and is backed by the insurance industry. Participating companies will offer drivers who succesfully complete the course discounts on their car insurance premiums. And there is no further test to sit.
The six modules to be covered, which will take a minimum of six hours, are:
1) Town driving.
2) All weather driving.
3) Out of town and rural driving.
4) Night driving.
5) Dual carriageways.
6) Motorway driving.

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